Travel Insurance[edit | edit source]

Thought it would be a good idea to have a page about Travel insurance.

You should get comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling, including cover for medical evacuation. You should check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for all the activities you want to undertake especially extreme adventure sports or wildlife activities. Remember that failure to declare a medical condition could render a policy invalid.

What should my travel insurance policy cover

  • Medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness abroad – more information on medical and health cover.
  • 24 hour emergency service and assistance.
  • Personal liability cover in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property.
  • Lost and stolen possessions cover.
  • Cancellation and curtailment (cutting short your trip) cover.
  • Extra cover for activities that are commonly excluded from standard policies, such as jet skiing.

The policy should cover the whole time that you’re away.

Your policy may also have:

  • personal accident cover
  • legal expenses cover
  • financial protection if your airline goes bankrupt before or during your trip.

Many insurers will extend cover if you ask them. If not, shop around for a specialist policy.

Common travel insurance policy exclusions (Always check the conditions and exclusions of your policy):

  • Most policies will not cover drink or drug-related incidents.
  • 60% of travel insurance policies now cover terrorism. Where possible, ensure that your policy does not exclude terrorism.
  • You must take reasonable care of your possessions or your policy will not cover you.
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